Welcome, fellow seekers of the sublime

A world of Mediterranean delicacies, revelry and artistry has arrived.

This is not merely a restaurant, it is a breath-taking feast for the senses, a gathering place to feel moved, immersed in another world. It’s a imagination on a grand and glorious scale. Here, people let go, to indulge in life’s richness. The ancient story of Bacchanalia is reimagined. Greco-Roman feasting, revived imaginatively with exquisite ingredients and vintages. Legendary entertainment, set within breathtaking interiors.

For those who long for escapism, sway this way…

The magnificent interiors of Bacchanalia make the perfect backdrop for your exclusive event. Spacious enough to accommodate 500 standing or 200 seated guests, admire impressive artworks from Damien Hirst and Gary Myatt as you feast on light and invigorating dishes reimagined from Greece and Italy’s best-loved recipes