Tuesday Treat: Top Ten Moves From The Movies
April 12 - Kevin

This month we have been inundated with requests for party bands, which got us thinking about our favourite dance moves/routines that have appeared in the movies!

With so many to choose from we had to put our top ten to a public vote here in the Blank Canvas Entertainment offices*…SO here you have it:

*The majority taking part in this ‘public vote’ are below the age of 30…

10. Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion

A penchant for post-it notes, the shiniest of shiny dresses, Cyndi Lauper’s classic track ‘Time After Time’, Lisa Kudrow and Mira Sorvino’s excellent acting abilities, as well as a two week rehearsal process = a climatic threesome dance scene that is truly one of the most geeky and humorous dance numbers ever choreographed at a high school reunion, comes in at number ten.

9. Grease

So as much as we don’t agree with the fact that in order to get a boy to like you one must change your personality, appearance, take up smoking and act a little less lady-like, BUT there really is something about Danny and the now not so innocent Sandy getting down in the carnival Shake Shack in their matching black outfits and in front of their whole school on their last day of term which makes us wonder if it actually is sort of OK?!

8. Little Miss Sunshine

Super Freak is known as a signature song for Rick James, which apparently, as seen in Little Miss Sunshine, can bring the most dysfunctional of families together. Star of the movie baby Olive Hoover (Abigail Breslin) K-I-L-L-S it with her innocence, as well as her fierce moves, showcasing her individuality, craziness and unique personality right from the first drum beat. You can’t help but break into a smile as soon as Olive’s little face appears on camera ready to move and shack.

7. Pulp Fiction

Vincent Vega (John Travolta) and Mia Wallace (Uma Thurman) one hundred per cent deserve that Jack Rabbit Slim’s twist-contest trophy and to come into our top ten best moves in the movies list at number seven. They are dancing with serious purpose and we swear Travolta flips on to his points at one point?! A serious thumbs up from us!

6. Dirty Dancing

Any film that uses the word ‘Dancing’ in its title is bound to be full of a lot of fancy footwork and that is EXACTLY what Dirty Dancing delivered. Baby was certainly not put in a corner for the last scene of the movie with the perfect lift she finally nailed. We certainly ‘had the time of our life’ (too cheesy?) revisiting this YouTube clip for our top ten list!

5. Billy Elliot

Any male dancer — or anyone who’s ever dared to be different — could identify with 11-year-old Billy (Jamie Bell), who dreamed of becoming a ballet star, despite his conservative coal miner father’s protests. The dance routine, known as The Angry Dance, is done with such emotion, power and sheer speed it almost seems as if Bell’s legs and feet aren’t even attached to his body.

4. West Side Story

There are plenty of impressive dances to choose from in West Side Story, including some grade-A ballet-fighting, but nothing matches the spectacle of the school-dance scene where, after the Jets and the Sharks try to one-up each other in the mambo, star-crossed lovers Tony and Maria catch a glimpse of each other from across the gym. The power of love (and some awesome moves) earned this scene a number four positioning.

3. Saturday Night Fever

For us, it is the perfect choice of songs, You Should Be Dancing by The Bee Gees, as John Travolta should never stop dancing. Even though, sadly, disco music, for the time being, has died a bit of a death this famous scene will live on and will be a constant reminder of what a cool guy John Travolta truly is!

2. Risky Business

It’s officially been over three decades since Tom Cruise slid across that hardwood floor in his underwear and then, thereafter, this became the movies most famous scene. It is one that is so ubiquitous it has turned up everywhere from Guitar Hero adverts, fancy dress replica costumes (who knew a shirt, underpants and sunglasses could be such a hit) and on TV shows such as Strictly Come Dancing! Cruise’s impeccable footwork and on point miming and timing leads puts this scene in at number two!

1. Singing In The Rain

It was over 60 years ago that Gene Kelly gleefully splashed in puddles and charmed us all, but this scene still remains one of the most instantly recognisable movie dance sequences—and rightfully so. Is it possible to watch it without humming along and hoping for rain J We don’t think so.

And that concludes are top ten famous moves from the movies list – we hope you enjoyed our count down and that you were suitably re-enacting the fancy footwork from each clip

Happy Moving Monday!

BCE xx