Top Tips – Booking A Wedding DJ
August 10 - Kevin

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I can’t recall a single wedding that I’ve been to where there wasn’t some sort of evening entertainment that involved a dance floor. And if you haven’t quite got the budget for a full blown wedding band then hiring a wedding DJ is a great alternative. Below we give some advice on choosing one!

Know who your guests are.
At a wedding you’re very likely to have a mixture of ages and so you want a wedding DJ that will accommodate everyone’s musical tastes. You don’t want someone to play the very latest pop tunes all night as this will alienate a lot of guests and equally as much as we’d love to have a whole evening of The Rolling Stones all night, variety is king!

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Song Lists
DJs are more than happy to accept song lists for your wedding. It gives them an idea of your taste in music and helps them gauge what other songs to play. But that being said there is nothing worse than being sent a song by song list for 4-5 hours worth of music that they can’t deviate from. It may seem like DJs are just pressing play on their wedding set list but good ones are actually looking at the crowd and watching how the the audience reacts to songs to decide what to play next.

DJ Rory - Profile

Noise Limiters
Make sure you check with your venue whether it has a noise limiter. Some venues that are in a residential area or a hotel have to enforce noise levels after a certain time. If the noise exceeds a certain level sometimes it automatically cuts the power!

Dance Floor
Also check whether the venue has their own dance floor. If they don’t and the area people are dancing isn’t flat or perhaps it’s out side you may want to consider getting one. Some DJs also have their own for these very occasions so it’s always best to check if they do rather than hiring it separately and will save you some money.

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So to get more information about hiring a DJ why not drop us a line here.