Top 5 Adverts That Use Magic
September 7 - Kevin

Magicians have always been one of our favourite forms of entertainment at events. Let’s face it who doesn’t enjoy watching close-up magicians do their thing! That’s why this week we’ve put together a list of our favourite use of magic and illusions in adverts.

5. Pepsi – Dynamo Bus Levitation
In at number 5 we have Pepsi Dynamo levitating on the side of a bus driving round London.

We’re under no illusions that this is actually an advert for Pepsi even though it’s portrayed more as one of Dynamo’s tricks! A great advert that makes you want to share it and it’s no coincidence that on writing this post it’s been viewed nearly 6 million times on youtube!

4. Samsung – Phone Magic
In at number 4!

A lovely bit of street magic has some great ideas in. Wouldn’t it be great to see something you want in a magazine and pull it out and have it in real life!

3. O2 – Sleight Of Hand
In at number 3…

Another phone company cottoning on to how good magic can be at holding the audiences attention. Some fantastic sleight of hand that is done in one take impressively!

2. Peugeot – David Blaine
And number 2 of our favourite adverts that use magic. A very old advert now from back in 2002 when David Blaine’s street magic show was capturing everyone’s attention.

I think everyone has wondered how does he get the signed card inside the window of the shop/car and Peugeot cottoned on to this! Again it is portrayed as one of David’s tricks rather than an advert for Peugeot which definitely keeps you watching! We love the reactions of some of the people in this. “Oh no you didn’t!”

1. Honda – Illusions
And in at number 1 our very favourite advert (probably ever)!

Ok so it isn’t everyone’s definition of magic but the illusions in this advert are truly breath taking. I remember watching it for the first time being blown away by the visual treats. It’s very refreshing with all the digital special effects going on in adverts these days to see someone go ahead and create some of them with plain old illusions!

And that rounds of our top 5 TV adverts that use magic. Tweet us if you think we missed any off the list @blankcanvasent We might have to do a top 10 if you have some good ones! Also if you want to add a bit of magic to your event check out our magicians and get in touch to book one for your next event.