Photo Booth – The Guest Book
August 17 - Kevin

Scrapbook copy

Photo Booth Hire at a party is almost as common place these days as having a DJ to dance the night away to! More and more we’re seeing the trend of people wanting to record the memories of their event which is why we’re also offering the opportunity to add a guest book to your Photo Booth package!

So guests will jump in the booth take their photos, put on their silly props and then the printer prints out two copies of the photo. One they can take home with them to put on their fridge or their social media of choice. The other is put aside to be placed in your guest book. When choosing the guest book package we’ll provide you with a guestbook/scrapbook that guests can stick a copy of all the photos they’ve taken in our photo booth and write a message to the bride and groom or birthday boy/girl at your event. This is a fantastic way to create a lasting memory and lovely memento to give to the guest of honour! They can then flip through them all after the event reliving all the fun that the guests had and reading the messages people have written.

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