Monday Motivation: Top Five Interactive Stage Shows
April 18 - Kevin

With the awards season’s top ceremonies, such as the Bafta’s, Brits, Oscars and Golden Globes all behind us, it is now time to start preparing for next years.  A little premature do I hear you say? In the world of entertainment and events there is no such thing as being too prepared – being one step ahead of the game, not only means that you are a super organised human being, but also allows little room for error.

Entertainment for an awards ceremony, think more corporate than Hollywood, should act as an icebreaker and there is no better way to ensure this than a performance that involves audience participation. This type of entertainment is also ideal for conferences, dinners and hotel show residencies.

Magic Stage Show


All of our magicians are known for being engaging, charismatic and light-hearted performers. A magic stage show is an extraordinary display of our magician’s personalities as well as including a mix of comedy, magic and contemporary mind reading. Magic stage shows are an ideal after dinner act for both corporate and private events, and using members of the audience as volunteers guarantees that no two shows are ever the same. Magic is extremely appealing to a whole host of audiences, and can be tweaked to ensure they are totally child friendly. Magic is always a huge talking point amongst guests and can be the big finale at the end of the evening or an easy transition between courses.

Stand Up Comedy


Whether you are a corporate client wanting to get a few smiles out of your guests, or a club manager wanting to add something a little bit different to give you an edge over your competitors, our stand-up comedians guarantee a ‘lorra loraa’ laughs and a hell of a good time. Now for the science part – did you know that comedy has a therapeutic effect that actually improves your health? Well we can confirm that laughter relaxes the whole body as well as boosting the immune system and triggers the release of the body’s natural feel-good chemicals.  Sounds too good to be true right? Well wait until you hear what’s next! For that extra laugh out loud event experience our comedians can totally tailor and personalise their comedy shows to your needs whether that’s a company, staff member, CEO (well maybe not!) brand, product or spouse. You name it, they can do it! I think it may be time to start booking one for your next event!

Circus Stage Show


The circus can quite literally come to your town, in fact it can do one better than that and come straight to your event! Talk about a VIP experience! Fancy a juggling phenomenon (these guys can pretty much juggler anything) or maybe a few hand balancers? A fire show, a glow show or maybe an acrobatic comedy show? The list is endless as is the variety of each individual’s talents. Our circus stage shows are far more draw dropping than caged animals and stripped tents of old and offer a breath taking and mesmerising performance that seems magical with a fab sound track to match!

Musical Interaction


Scales of The Unexpected have been part of many star-studded line ups at London’s hottest cabaret hotspots and still regularly take part in these so they are complete geniuses at what they do. What is this do I hear you ask? Well, now that’s a question! Our pals in Scales Of The Unexpected revisit pop music’s greatest ever one-hit wonders and teach the secrets of Literal Choreography! They pay harmonic homage to the greatest popular music of all time, from Take That to Coldplay, from Bananarama to Kylie no one is safe from their melodic makeovers and powerhouse pastiche! Scales of The Unexpected create bespoke shows for every client, incorporating names, personal places, memories etc. into their melodies – a fascinating, fun and an all-round fabulous show that should be seen by all!

Dancing Interaction


The Charleston dancers are a perfect professional 1920’s dance act that will transport you straight back to the Great Gatsby era! The choreography will impress and amaze an audience of any size and is totally adaptable to suit your event. Singing, dancing, taping, teaching, hosting and joking, The Charleston Dancers are a mesmerising identical twin duo whose act is energetic, exciting and glamorous from start to finish. Dancing interaction not only combines a unique and bespoke quality service but also is an easy and fun way to make sure that every member of the audience can participate.

That’s it for now! Wishing you all a happy (and interactive) Monday.