Monday Motivation: The Top Ten Dos and Don’ts of Fancy Dress
April 4 - Kevin

Fancy dress, much like marmite, you either love it or you hate it. We here at Blank Canvas Entertainment love it! We think it’s much more fun when partygoers are able to take on an alter ego for the night and really let loose. However with all of that said, it can also be a bit of a tricky business with questions such as “ How much is too much?” or “Will a pair of bunny ears suffice (no)?” So we thought we would make it a little bit easier for you with our quick guide of the dos and don’ts of fancy dress….

Rule One: DON’T be boring


Even if you hate fancy dress there is nothing worse than a half-hearted fancy dresser and this will also make you stand out like a sore thumb! Shoving on a cowboy hat with your normal glad rags and insisting you are Clint Eastwood is not, and will not ever be, fancy dress. You will also run the risk of people asking what or who you are for the entire night. Have fun with it! Fancy dress is meant to be fun and a night where you certainly don’t take yourself too seriously!

Rule Two: DO commit to the cause


If you are dressing up as part of a pair then make sure you both commit to the fancy dress cause. Rocking up to a party dressed as Mario with no Lugi to back you up or as a saltshaker with no pepper accompaniment will not only look a bit strange, but also a bit sad!

Rule Three: DON’T offend people (or at least try not too!)


It might seem like an obvious one but “if you don’t have anything nice to dress up as then don’t dress up at all.” Dressing up in Tesco’s offensive ‘Psycho Ward’ outfit, the Ebola nurse costume or Asda’s infamous ‘Mental Patient’ costume are never ok as fancy dress options. We strongly advise you, if you are looking for inspiration, that you do not borrow any inspiration from these ideas.

Rule Four: DO use charity shops


You actually couldn’t find a more original costume that won’t break the bank than in a charity shop. Whether you are after an all white suit to channel your best Elvis or a table cloth-esque dress to transform yourself into Mrs Doubtfire than look no further than to your local charity shop!

Rule Five: DO think about what you will be doing later


Prancing around in a ‘Chewbacca” fur bodysuit in the middle of summer may seem like a great idea at the beginning of the night and if your party is a simple sit down affair with dinner and drinks then hey presto nothing to worry about! BUT if you are painting the town red, dancing on the tables and running around between venues you may want to reconsider this outfit to a slightly cooler one for those summer nights!

Rule Six: DON’T wear an outfit that could cause accidents


Try and avoid those wardrobe mishaps and malfunctions by investing in the right sized outfit, trust us we’ve been there, one size DOES NOT fit all as per some internet fancy dress websites! Fashion tape, extra pairs of tights and party feet are also a must!

Rule Seven: DO be original


It is quite simple really, think outside of the box! Go for an absolute classic and pull out all the stops or maybe a hilarious pun based costume such as a cereal killer or a devilled egg to totally trump your fellow fancy dress goers.

Rule Eight: DON’T leave it to the last minute


Leaving it to the last minute is stressful enough and often leads to a terrible costume. Turning up as yourself or cutting an old bar crawl t-shirt randomly is not creative, it actually, no offence, can look quite stupid and extremely unimaginative.

Rule Nine: DO go professional


If you want to go BIG for your fancy dress idea(s) then speak to the professionals. You can really W – O – W in a hand crafted Marie Antoinette gown and a masterpiece of a wig to really steal the show. You could, if you are in fact the host, talk to the team about theming the whole event from décor to drinks and from grand entrance’s to entertainment to ensure that the your night is fancy dressed from top to toe!

Rule Ten: DO embrace the attention


For one night only you are an actual celebrity. Get a great costume and you will have the crowds going wild with ‘photo ops’, compliments, videos as well as being inundated with dance requests, and after all it is an easy and obvious conversation starter as soon as you walk through the door.

Stay fancy! Happy Monday

BCE xx