Monday Motivation: Top Five Acoustic Bands
May 9 - Kevin

The idea of a band, in most peoples minds, equals noise – a whole lot of noise in fact with everyone on their feet screaming, shouting and dancing etc AND whilst that is totally awesome, there is something quite wonderful and amazing about unamplified music and acoustic bands. Acoustic bands have the ability to wander, mingle and play amongst your guests, have no reliance on electricity, PA’s and plug sockets, playing outside is a total breeze (quite literally) and venue sound limiters do not even have to be taken into consideration. What’s not to love do I hear you say? Well a whole lot of nothing and that’s why we wanted to give you a quick insight into our top five acoustic bands…..

Super Tenants:


With an origin of busking on the streets of London, The Super Tenants know how to rock a roaming acoustic outfit. The band prides themselves on their interesting arrangements and fun mash-ups and medleys but also have a real soft spot for playing songs in their original forms too. With a tag line of “NO FUSS, NO NOISE LEVEL WORRIES, NO DISAPOINTMENT”, these guys will get in amongst your guests and get everyone in the party mood within seconds of arriving, totally breaking the ice and tickling the funny bone.



Nothing says summer nights quite like fantastic Latin and bossa nova jazz subtlety playing throughout an outdoor drinks reception. With a line up of guitar, vocals and optional percussion, SaraRosa transport you back to the streets of South America and Spain, with their magnificent musical entertainment and flair for panache!

 Free To Roam:


A fabulous mobile trio of extroverts comprised of a male lead, three-part harmonies, saxophone and acoustic guitars, Free To Roam are an incredible and interactive band who will have your guests dancing, singing and partying all night long. With only one requirement, with that being an audience, Free To Roam have a hugely extensive repertoire with hits dating from the 50’s to today’s Top 40 and they totally thrive with off-the cuff requests – nothing is off limits!

Busking Bellas:


Tailoring each performance to whatever is required, the Busking Bellas are a whole lot of fun that just can’t seem to keep in one place at one time with their wonderful wandering musical act! Four fun loving ladies, performing well-known popular songs who allow guests to get as totally involved as they like (we’ve known some guests to grab a tambourine and join in) means that guests can make the requests and have a totally personalised event!

 Ze Trio:


A totally alternative, totally acoustic and totally eccentric trio of musicians, blending violin, guitar, accordion and 3-part male harmonies which astound and astonish with their hugely varied repertoire ranging from 1800’s to present date! Playing folky covers in their own quirky, inimitable style, complete with a good dash of comedy and theatre – whatever your taste, their concoction of music can’t fail to entertain. Guests will want to join, jig and become totally immersed in the musical madness that is Ze Trio!

If you would like any more information or to book one of our awesome acoustic bands please holla at the BCE team 🙂