Monday Motivation: Top 5 Who Said It Best?
February 29 - Kevin

After last night’s 88th Academy Awards ceremony we, at the Blank Canvas Entertainment offices, decided to have a little think and name some of our favourite and most memorable Oscar acceptance speeches to date.


Now, we all think we would know EXACTLY what to say when handed the most honorable award in the film industry – I have many a times taken to my bathroom mirror, cue shower gel acting as an/my Oscar and the white towel I am donning at the time turning into a Givenchy custom made gown, and you think it seems easy right? BUT once I have thanked my family and friends, directors, co-stars and of course my loyal supporters I am kind of left a bit speechless AND that’s taking away the pressure of millions of people watching me and of course the shock, joy, surprise, adrenaline, nerves, maybe trying to be funny, even trying to make the speech sound off the cuff-esque as well as adding a unique touch? So you see it is in fact extremely difficult …..

Below are our TOP 5 Oscar acceptance speeches, in no particular order, and why…..

Robin Williams – Good Will Hunting, 1998

Because: We all love Robin Williams. Now, as good as that is as a single reason it isn’t the only reason why Mr. Williams’ acceptance speech in 1998 has made our Top 5.  With a starting line of  “AHH man this might be the one time I am speechless” not only was funny in itself for those that knew/had worked with Robin Williams, but his delivery of this was so funny, without trying to be funny (if that make sense). He then went on to be completely gracious, thankful etc and managed to share a quick story about how his father had once told him that he should make sure he had a “back up profession like welding.” Truly hilarious and truly touching.

Angelina Jolie – Girl Interrupted, 2000

Because: Not only because it was Angie’s first Academy Award nomination and SHE WON, but her behavior that night was just kind of …well .. just classic Angelina Jolie cirque late nineties/early noughties. After that infamous passionate kiss to her brother James Haven on the Oscars red carpet earlier that evening, Angelina accepted the Oscar by declaring she was “so in love with my brother right now”.  All publicity is good publicity and this certain hit the headlines.

Cuba Gooding JR., – Jerry Maguire, 1997

Because: Every time we watch Cuba Gooding JR winning the Academy Award for best supporting actor we can’t help but all start affectionately saying ‘OMG how amazing was  that’, or ‘oh I just love him so much!’ He just makes us all so blissfully happy from start to finish with THAT acceptance speech. And then when you think It can’t get any better the CUT OFF music starts playing and Cuba starts shouting joyfully over it whilst the audience gives him a huge standing ovation, then he starts jumping in the air, fist pumping – the speech just goes from strength to strength. It gives us all a taste of what it feels like to have your biggest dreams come true.

Joe Pesci – GoodFellas, 1990 

Because: It was one of the shortest Academy Award speeches in history! “It’s my privilege. Thank you.”, were Joe Pesci’s exact words, which we feel is actually quite perfect – very to the point, very together and very informative! What also makes this speech in our top 5 ‘who said it best’ list is the audience’s delayed applause. Once Pesci had finished his short (but oh so sweet) acceptance speech, we don’t feel his fellow industry folk in the audience were quite ready for such an abrupt ending either. There is total silence! We really do believe that you could have actually heard a pin drop!

Charlie Chaplin – Honorary Award, 1972

Because: There are a number of reasons why this ‘speech’ has made it into our Top 5 and actually it is less about the speech and more about several other factors. Chaplin was awarded a second honorary Oscar in 1972. After living in exile for twenty years Chaplin returned to the USA and on accepting his award Chaplin was greeted by a 12 minute standing ovation by the whole audience. Chaplin’s face alone said it all. The bowing, waving and the blowing of kisses to the audience also contributed to the fact that Charlie Chaplin DID it best as opposed to saying it the best.

Now as much as we would love the above actors to re-live these moments again before our very own eyes, sadly, we think, that may not happen. But, do not dismay, we have a whole host of ..well hosts! As well as speechmakers, comedy shows, magic shows and much more to make your event shine like an Oscar.

Happy browsing and happy Monday ☺