Top Tips: Top 5 Acts That Work With Any Theme
September 12 - Kevin

Our team have spent many an event helping clients create the ultimate themed experience for their guests. From Winter Wonderland and Dickension to James Bond and Circus to Great Gatsby and Arabian Nights, we really have done it all!

Along the way, we have found that there are some acts that work really well, whatever the theme and this is something we wanted to share with you in case you have a themed event on the horizon and are struggling with ideas.

Green Screen Photo Booth

Our Green Screen Photo Booth allows us to load four images of your choice as backgrounds; this means that the images can be themed for your event. As an example, if you were planning a James Bond event, we could include images of a casino, a fast car, a helicopter and even the man himself! If you were having an Arabian Nights themed party, we could do the same with the desert, a magic lamp, camels and so on. The possibilities are endless!

Photobooth - 1

Themed Stilt Walkers

Our amazing stilt walkers can mix and mingle with your guests and our almost never-ending wardrobe of costumes means we can tailor them to your themed event.

Stilt Walkers 6

Digital Caricaturist

A modern twist on traditional pen & ink caricatures, using tablets to draw guests. Our digital caricaturist are able to create a themed template in advance of your event and draw guests caricatures onto say a Superhero’s / Flapper’s / Bond’s / Clown’s body.

Caricaturist - Simon 16


All of our contortionists are able to perform the most extreme manoeuvres that few can achieve and all can theme their act to your event with music and costumes.

Delia 2

Living Statues

Our fantastic street performers will create excitement with their interesting, interactive and fun living statues. Once again, our wardrobe of costumes is almost never ending, so they are great for themed events.

Living Statues - 12

For help planning a themed event, please do get in touch.