Monday Motivation: Top 10 Dinner Party Entertainment Ideas
March 14 - Kevin

When it comes to planning a dinner party, whether it is for ten or two hundred people, we always think that an element of entertainment or entertainers goes down an absolute treat and will be a fun and easy way for your guests to remember the evening by.

This week, we thought it would be best to divide our Top 10 into two Top 5s – to cover intimate soirees and ‘big banquet-esque’ type settings:

Top 5: Intimate soirée



What could be more pleasant then your guests walking into a delightful dinning room setting with the elegant and sophisticated sound of a beautiful harp playing? A harpist instantly compliments any evening with gentle background music that will linger throughout the night and is the perfect accompaniment to any dinning experience!

Magician/Mind Reader


We say there actually isn’t a better way to keep your guests entertained  (well rather absolutely astonished), whilst the host is slaving away in the kitchen then with one of our mix and mingle magicians, who will create a fun and magical atmosphere, with spectacular tricks, amongst your guests. Magic really is a perfect way to not only kick off your dinner party, but also a great talking point for guests that don’t really know each other. All in all a ‘win win’ entertainment experience!

Singer Guitarist


A favourite, particularly for those summer alfresco dinning kind of nights, is a laid back singer guitarist, who will create the perfect ambience – whether it be for background music or for when everyone has had one or two apperol spritz’s and just fancies a dance. Let us give you a quick visual – the sun is just about to set, the smell of flowers is in abundance, the wine is flowing, the food is cooking and to top this all off ‘Stir it up’ by Bob Marley is being played on the guitar and sung live to you and your guests all in the comfort of your own back garden… We say that sounds like B – L – I – S – S!



Why not add a touch of silver service to your dinner party with one (or two or a few) of our fabulous serving staff? Whether it is a marvellous mixoligist, who can conjure up a load of awesome cocktails (Old Fashioned anyone?) or one of our professionally trained waiters who can instantly take the pressure off the host by serving, drink making and clearing for the whole evening. All of our staff are also more than happy to pop along early to help the host set up too.

Top 5:  Big Banquet

Fire Breathers


Be a fire starter (which is also one of our favourite songs FYI) to get the party started by kicking off the fun before your guests even walk through the door* with one of our phenomenal fire shows.  Our team of trained professionals, combine fire and dance skills to totally mesmerise and transfix your guests and get them in that party mood instantly! Fire breather, fire starter, body burner, fire spinner, fire eater – you want it, we got it!

*Nb; fire shows suitable for indoor and outdoor events.

 Aerial Bartenders


Champagne anyone? Well look no further then…. up!? Yep – you did read that correctly!! Our aerial bartenders will ever so elegantly hang upside down, whilst delicately pouring and refilling your guests champagne glasses making it an totally UNFORGETABLE experience at any party!



‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ .. or so the phrase goes, and actually we quite agree! There is noting better, once the post party blues have kicked in, then to have a browse through your professionally taken party snaps to relive the whole night (preferably with a glass of wine (bottle) in the other hand!) Here at Blank Canvas Entertainment we offer a whole host of photography options, from our professionally trained photographers to our animated and fun filled photo booths! Whether a party needs a few shots done by the pros or a few silly additions with some crazy backdrops and big flamboyant props we feel having these memories caught on camera is definitely worthy of being on our top five list!

Chocolate Fountain


Yes…I said it and YES EVERYONE needs its! If there ever is a time to be totally overly indulgent it is at a party. Imagine a huge tower with lashings of melting chocolate looming over you and your guests with an array of dipping goodies, such as marshmallows, fresh fruits, cookies and much more! It is the perfect pudding alternative or just a lovely ‘light’ snack to be enjoyed by all 🙂



After a fabulous array of phenomenal food, you want your event to end on a fun and exciting note cue the talents of one of our amazing bands! Whether you are after a full on modern repertoire party band, something sassy and Motown-esque, a sharp-suited swinging Sinatra or maybe something a little bit different, having your guests moving and shaking at the end of the evening is an absolute must!

So there you have it, our 2 x Top 5 dinner party entertainment lists. For more information on entertainment, event management and bespoke events please contact the team HERE.

Happy Monday,

BCE xx