Magic in the Movies
July 25 - Kevin

We here at Blank Canvas Entertainment love magic! We love watching magic shows; we love hiring magicians for events and we especially love learning magic tricks!

Our love of magic and the recent release of Now You See Me 2, got us thinking about our favourite movies about magic, which we wanted to share with you.

So here you have it.

The Prestige

One of our all time favourite films in fact! Staring Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman as two stage magicians who battle it out for supremacy, this is a brilliant movie that includes deceit, secrets, revelations and a fantastic plot twist!

Magic in The Moonlight

A charming movie set in the French Riviera, written and directed by Woody Allen. The plot includes all the right ingredients – comedy, magic, romance and the wonderful Colin Firth – what’s not to love?


Our favourite Disney film! Set to classical music, Fantasia features Mickey Mouse as an aspiring magician, fairies, fish, flowers, mushrooms, dinosaurs, centaurs, pegasus and even hippos in ballet shoes!!

Oz The Great and Powerful

Intended as a prequel to the magnificent film The Wizard of Oz, we were intrigued by the story of a small time circus magician from Kansas who finds himself in Oz and forced into a power struggle between the three witches.

Harry Potter – The Entire Film Collection

Way back in 2001 when we saw the first instalment in the series, we knew that we would be hooked. From quidditch and butter beer to wands and invisible capes – can we go to Hogwarts pleasssseeee?

If you’re interested in hiring a magician for your next event, please get in touch.

Until next week folks!