Spotlight: Event – HP Discover
December 1 - Kevin

Here at Blank Canvas Entertainment, we have been very busy taking bookings for Christmas, but today we wanted to take a moment to tell you about an amazing project we have been involved in.

Back in October, a wonderfully talented music producer approached us from the USA. He was composing music for HP Discover, Hewlett Packard’s showcase technology event for business and government customers, and he was looking for performers, with an urban style, to perform a rap song to open the event.

We put together a trio of vocalists, including Laura-Jayne, an amazing singer and musician, plus MC Zani and MC Hobbit, who were previously the UK Beatbox champions. The producer then created an amazing beat from scratch, which was to be accompanied by lyrics about transformation and evolution technology.

To help give the performance an even more cool and contemporary feel, we added a troupe of dancers called Elements to accompany the vocalists.

Once the beat and lyrics were in place, rehearsals got underway with everyone coming together to get ready for the event. The vocalists were practicing their lyrics, whilst the dancers began choreographing their performance and learning their moves.

HP Discover was held at The Excel Centre on 29th November and it was a truly memorable experience for the performers and for us. The performance was watched by over 10,000 people and we were in fact the opener for Meg Whitman, CEO of Hewlett Packard.

We have included a video of the performance below for you to have a look at, which we hope you enjoy!