How To: Gather A Crowd At Trade Shows – Magicians
August 31 - Kevin

Standing out in a sea of exhibitors at a trade show is hard for any company. Doing it without spending your entire marketing budget for the year is even harder especially when all the costs of being there in the first place start to add up! People don’t want branded free pens or USB sticks (who is even still using those anyway) and there is a limit to how many times free sweets will bring people back. That’s why we’ve put together some ideas of using entertainment to capture leads and ensure people remember your brand!

We’re massive magic fans that goes without saying, and having a magician at an evening party is a great way to keep guests entertained but they’re also fantastic additions to a trade show stand.

Magician - Daniel 1

Stopping People
Getting people to stop as they walk past your stand is one of the hardest parts of someone on exhibiting at a trade show. A good magician is very confident and will be able to talk to anyone passing by your stand. They can perform quick tricks that will instantly get peoples attention as they pass by and then perform a short show of close-up magic. Once you get a few people to stop it’s a lot easier to get others to stop as they are wondering whats going on. Especially if they see people laughing and having a good time why they engage with the magician.

Don’t hard sell.
It’s very tempting to turn the magician into the salesman giving him a script and inserting cheesy lines about how your brand does magic. Don’t do this! The performer won’t know your brand well enough to answer peoples questions and you want to use them to be stopping people. People will appreciate not being sold to and just being entertained that they’ll be a lot happier to leave their details and engage with your sales people after.

Magician - Michael 4

Branded Give A Ways.
Giving away magic tricks is a more unique and memorable way of getting your brand in their hands. The magician can then teach them how to perform the trick there and then or for example you could exchange the method of the trick for their email address/business card. Then you can contact them after the trade show with a video or description of how the trick works. You could make up some branded playing cards as well to give away to people which they’ll love after just having been blown away by the card skills of your magician.

If you’re thinking of different ways to increase the traffic on your stand and are thinking about having a magician get in touch for more information about our magicians and what they can do for you at your next exhibition.