How To Gather A Crowd At Trade Shows – Football Freestyler
November 30 - Kevin

In this blog series on using entertainment for your next trade show we’re going to take a look at how having a football freestyler can enhance your exhibition stand and get you more leads and help you stand out from your competitors.

Football Freestyle - Ash Randall Thumbnail

If you’ve not seen one of our football freestylers, quickly check out one of our amazing performers below.

Football freestylers are incredibly impressive entertainers, perfect for product launches, corporate events or trade shows. From juggling more than one football, to teaching spectators how to balance footballs, it’s an incredibly interactive and astonishing act that is guaranteed to gather a crowd.

We usually recommend doing one 10-15 minute show each hour or so. This builds each performance into more of an event that people will come back for. And what with everyone from 10 year olds to your grandparents having smartphones with video cameras you can be sure that people will have their phones out filming this impressive piece of footwork. With the freestyler in your branded t-shirt on your stand it’s a great way to create brand awareness with the videos bound to end up being shared on social media. Who knows it may even go viral!

Football Freestyle - Ash 3
Football Freestyle - Ash 5Football Freestyle - Ash 13

Depending on your product or service we may even be able to incorporate it into the act. For example, Ash in this video has managed to incorporate a Pringles tube into his act. We’re more than happy to chat more about this in a bit more detail and make recommendations.

So if you’re thinking of different ways to increase the traffic on your stand and are thinking about having a Football Freestyler get in touch for more information and what they can do for you at your next exhibition.