How To Gather A Crowd At Trade Shows – Digital Graffiti Walls
December 28 - Kevin

In this post about using entertainment for your exhibition stand at a trade show we’re looking at using Digital Graffiti Walls to stand out from the mass of exhibitors and give those visiting your stand a memorable experience.

Digital Grafitti Wall - 12

So what is a Digital Graffiti Wall? Well it’s a wall, that’s digital and you can do graffiti on it… It has none of hassle of actual graffiti spray cans getting messy as it’s all done digitally. Think Microsoft paint but 3 metres wide and over 2 metres high! Users can select different styles of electronic spray cans, stencils and colours to get their creative juices flowing. You can upload different templates like an image of your latest product that people have to colour in, you can even take photos on the spot that are then uploaded to the background for guests to draw all over! Fun right!?

So how does this work I hear you ask? No? Oh well I’ll tell you anyway. So it uses infra-red technology that picks up the gestures from the electronic spray cans, it can even pick up four cans at once so teams of people can be painting at the same time.

Digital Grafitti Wall - 9Digital Grafitti Wall - 7Digital Grafitti Wall - 3Digital Grafitti Wall - 8

It’s totally brandable so you can add your logo, corporate message and or social media hashtag to the wall. This way every creation can be uploaded to social media on the spot and or printed out for a memento to the talented artistes.

Another option that we like is hiring alongside the digital graffiti wall an actual professional graffiti artist! Another option our clients like to hire with the wall is one of our talented digital caricaturists. This way as they draw live on the tablets it’s shown on the huge digital graffiti wall so you the crowd can watch the drawing step by step.

If you’re thinking of different ways to increase the traffic on your stand and are thinking about having a Digital Graffiti Wall why not get in touch for more information about our packages and what our Digital Graffiti Walls can do for you at your next exhibition.