How To: Gather A Crowd At Trade Shows – Caricaturists
September 28 - Kevin

How To Gather A Crowd At Trade Shows – Caricaturists

Today we continue our series on standing out at trade shows and exhibitions. Last month we had a look at how using magicians can help gather crowds and engage your audience, this time we’re looking at how using a caricaturist could enhance the stand at your next exhibition!

Like magicians, caricaturists are great additions to an evening event, but having one on your exhibition stand can also be a valuable asset in creating a buzz, gathering leads and engaging your target audience.

If you don’t know what a caricaturist is, check out our Caricaturist Luisa below. In a nutshell, it’s a comical drawing of someone, y’know the guys you see in Leicester Square drawing tourists. Nowadays though, it’s been modernised and instead of using pen and paper caricaturists use tablets and iPads, projecting the image onto big screens!

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Caricaturist - Luisa 1Caricaturist - Luisa 7

Stopping People
As you probably know by now, getting people to stop at your stand when they are totally over whelmed by everything that’s on offer at exhibitions these days is a monumental task. Having a caricaturist drawing delegates on your stand though can be a great pull to encourage people to stop and engage. Each drawing can take between three to five minutes, which means you will undoubtedly have a queue form, giving you and your team a fantastic opportunity to say hello and deliver your pitch!

Caricaturist - Bill 2

With everything going digital these days having a caricaturist can be an awesome weapon in your digital marketing and social media campaign. Instead of being handed out as a souvenir, as with pen and paper caricatures, when drawn on a tablet they are emailed or tweeted to the recipient. And do you know where that image is going to end up? As their new Facebook profile picture or in the inbox of most of their family and friends, retweeted on Twitter or loved on Instagram. And of course, at the bottom of every caricature that is drawn you can include your branding, logo or message, right bang smack in the middle. Glorious!

Caricaturist - Chrissy Thumbail

Don’t Hard Sell.
As we mentioned in our last article about using magicians on trade shows, it’s very tempting to get your caricature artist to sell to delegates. We wouldn’t recommend this. Your team knows the ins and outs of your company and are in a far better position to be able to answer questions people will ask, specific to your industry. Let the caricaturist focus on the drawing, getting as many done as possible.

If you’re looking at different ways to increase the traffic on your stand and are thinking about having a Digital Caricaturist get in touch for more information about our artists and what they can do for you at your next exhibition.