Featured Friday – Lee
August 7 - Kevin

We’re into starting habits and we thought a good one would be for you to get to know some of our acts a bit more. That’s why we’re starting a Featured Friday where we spotlight one of our acts and have a chat about them! First in the series we have our wonderful solo pianist Lee.


BC: Hello there, so who are you?
Lee: I’m Lee the pianist.

BC: Describe what you do in one sentence.
Lee: I play the piano at hotels, shops, cruises, weddings and events all over the country!

BC: What makes you different from other pianists?
Lee: I have a very sensitive touch to playing and it is never interfering so people can sit and eat and drink/chat without any problems. I also have a baby grand piano shell that is fully portable – great for weddings!

BC: How did you become a musician?
Lee: I started when I was 5 years old and I was inspired my music teachers at school who would play for assembly!

BC: Who is your favourite pianist?
Lee: I love Jools Holland he has such a cool and unique style of playing to his own, it’s eccentric but very methodical.

BC: What has been your favourite ever event and why?
Lee: David Walliams Birthday at The Savoy – The guests where all comedians!

BC: What would be your ideal event?
Lee: I think Jools Hollands birthday!

BC: Who have you most enjoyed performing for or meeting on an event?
Lee: I met Brian May and he was so complementary – he has such fantastic hair too!

BC: What do you do the rest of the time when you’re not playing the piano?
Lee: Mostly writing blogs! Haha I look after my dog and like to gym if I have time but its busy currently!

You can read more about Lee and see and hear him in action hereSee you next friday.