Featured Friday – The Popcorns
September 25 - Kevin

This week we got to spend time with Sam from The Popcorns.

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BC: Hello there, so who are you?
Sam: My name is Sam and I am the tenor player who co-started The Popcorns. I come from a Jazz background, but enjoy playing all types of music whenever possible.

BC: Describe what you do in one sentence?
Sam: The Popcorns are an acoustic trio that play covers of pop songs, from now and the past, with Jazz influences.

BC: What makes you different from other sax players?
Sam: As a musician, I believe that melody is one of the most important things in music and when I play I am always trying to be aware of this whether it is playing the real melody or improvising. As well, I like to focus on tone by trying to find my own sound and try to adapt it to the correct genre.

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BC: How did you become a musician?
Sam: I grew up in a musical family where everyone played or dabbled on an instrument of some kind. My Dad was very much in to Jazz so this was a starting point for me with music. So this was probably a major factor when wanting to start playing the saxophone. I spent most of the early years of learning playing with CDs and trying to sound like the person on the record.

BC: Who is your favourite sax player/musician?
Sam: It’s hard to pick one, but at the moment some of my favourites include, Dayna Stephens, Brad Mehldau and Becca Stevens.

BC: What has been your favourite ever event (and why)?
Sam: My favourite event with The Popcorns would have been playing on the Thames for a boat party. We got to play outside on the top deck and the sun went down. It was a beautiful experience with great people.

BC: What would be your ideal event?
Sam: My ideal event would be similar to the one I mentioned. A location that is lovely to play in with a lively audience and a fun atmosphere.

BC: Who have you most enjoyed performing for/meeting on an event?
Sam: I thoroughly enjoyed performing at a function where John Cleese and Fiona Bruce were attending.

BC: What do you do the rest of the time (when you’re not playing sax)?
I am also in to photography and squash and try to do those as much as possible in my spare time.

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Thanks for chatting to us Sam. If you are interested in booking The Popcorns for your next event, please get in touch today!