Featured Friday – Charleston Dancers
September 11 - Kevin

This week we get to know our fantastic Charleston Dancers a bit better!

twinswing 07

BC: Hello there, so who are you?
Charleston Dancers: Well, my name is Jessica and the other person in the act is Emily! We are twin sisters, if you hadn’t guessed already!

BC: Describe what you do in one sentence?
Charleston Dancers: We perform a unique, energetic, vintage dance act themed around 1920s or 1940s.

BC: What makes you different from other dancers?
Charleston Dancers: I guess that we are twin sisters!

BC: How did you get into dancing?
Charleston Dancers: We both started ballet seriously at the age of 12 and just could not stop after that. We were fortunate to train at two very good performing arts schools in London together and gained a degree at London Studio Centre.

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BC: Who is your favourite dancer?
Charleston Dancers: We love the characteristic style of Gene Kelly, we love his silliness and humour, mixed with the incredible skill!

BC: What has been your favourite ever event (and why)?
Charleston Dancers: We teach Charleston Tea Dances at The Waldorf and this has to be our favourite venue, the iconic Palm Court is really special.

BC: What would be your ideal event?
Charleston Dancers: An exact recreation of Great Gatsby’s party… Just like in the film!

BC: Who have you most enjoyed performing for/meeting on an event?
Charleston Dancers: We met some pretty incredible war veterans at the War and Peace Show this year. We were performing alongside the band- Jive Aces and got to hear some genuine war stories! It was an honour to have met them.

BC: What do you do the rest of the time (when you’re not doing your act)?
Charleston Dancers: We both have part time jobs in the city; we adore London and love to explore all the cool things going on!

If you’re interested in booking our Charleston Dancers or finding out a bit more about dance acts in general, get in touch today!

To finish here is a little video of one of our favourite dance routines by the fantastic Nicholas Brothers. It looks terribly painful!