Featured Friday – The Singing Waiters
August 21 - Kevin

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Week 3 of our featured friday blogs we get to know our fantastic singing waiters a bit better!

BC: Hello there, so who are you guys?

SW: We are the Singing Waiters. We have been performing as an act for almost 8 years and we now have around 15 singer/musicians currently involved with us. In those eight years we have performed at hundreds of events and whilst based in London; our performances have taken us across the UK, through Europe and even to the Middle East. Whilst we do perform at many weddings; this act is also suitable for any private occasion or corporate event.

BC: Describe what you do in one sentence.

SW: We deliver the perfect surprise entertainment for any event.

Singing Waiters - 7Singing Waiters - 7

BC: What makes you different from other singing waiters?

SW: When we started eight years ago there were already a number of Singing Waiter companies that had been around for several years. We felt strongly that we could offer something very different to the operatic and “sing along to backing track” options that were already out there. We are unique in the industry as all of our music is played on acoustic guitars and we deliver a larger than life performance with music designed to excite any audience. Our set list is vast and importantly all music is played live which allows us to offer unique performances that will inject energy into an event just when it is needed. Most importantly the delivery of our performance is light hearted and entertaining; one of the keys to our success is that it is not a serious or formal performance.

BC: Who is your favourite singer/waiter (Is it even possible to have a favourite waiter? Maybe Manuel from Fawlty Towers!)

SW: All of our Singing Waiters are classically trained singers or top West End professionals. We are very lucky to have a fantastic team with great experience and impressive credits including two actors from the recent “Les Miserables” movie. The act is completely standardised and so no matter which performers attend you will have exactly the same experience – so there are no favourites!

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BC: What has been your favourite ever event and why?

SW: We have performed at some amazing parties over the years – even entertaining the House of Commons on one occasion. We also have had the privilege of being invited to perform for members of the Royal Family. Unfortunately we are not permitted to discuss or give details as to whom; but it was probably one of the liveliest parties that year and we were asked back a few months later!

BC: What would be your ideal event?

SW: Whilst I do enjoy any event that take us out of the UK – and we have been to some pretty amazing places – performing at a wedding is still my favourite kind of event. We do have a great gig booked later this year at a 5* Hotel in Rome for a certain Italian chocolate manufacturer – that may take some beating!

So there you have it. We’ll be back again same time next week with one of our caricaturists I bet you can’t wait…(er)! If you want more information about booking the get in contact