Featured Friday – Chris
August 14 - Kevin

Week 2 of our featured friday blogs we get to know one of our wonderful wedding photographers, Chris.

BC: Hello there, so who are you?
Chris: Hi, I’m Chris!

BC: Hi Chris, describe what you do in one sentence.
Chris: I am a full time photographer for weddings, food and PR.

BC: What makes you different from other photographers?
Chris: I’m passionate about story telling through photos, capturing the moment and displaying emotion. There’s something so powerful about a photograph that expresses something real. For weddings I’m not into posed, cheesy shots but prefer natural shots. Even my portraits are shot in a natural way as most couples don’t want to stand around posing like models.

Chris 10Chris 12

BC: How did you become a photographer?
Chris: My dad gave me my first SLR camera 28 years ago, when I was 12, and I loved it! That flamed a passion in me for photography which is still growing!

BC: Who is your favourite photographer?
Chris: There are so many inspiring photographers out there at the moment – I love the work of Jonathan Gregson, his food photos are incredible!

BC: What has been your favourite ever event and why?
Chris: Definitely a wedding – I love shooting weddings! I shot one by the sea this year in a beach Hut. That was awesome as the couple were so relaxed and we had a perfect sunset for the portraits! I loved the way those shots came out.

BC: What would be your ideal event?
Chris: I love shooting weddings in castles and unusual places where I can express my love of history and landscape photography. I love to do portraits where there are incredible landscapes, as it makes for perfect shots!

BC: Who have you most enjoyed photographing for or meeting on an event?
Chris: I’ve done quite a few magazine shoots for celebrity chefs such as Albert Roux and Daniel Clifford (who won the Great British menu), but my favourite was a shoot for one of the Waitrose chefs called Will Torrent at Stamford Bridge (Chelsea FC). It was cool doing portraits in the dug out pitch side.

BC: What do you do the rest of the time when you’re not taking photographs?
Chris: I have 3 small children and we all love heading off into the countryside or to the beach as much as possible!

Thanks so much for taking the time to chat to us this week Chris and if you’re getting married and are looking for a wedding photographer head over to Chris’ profile to see some of his shots. Get in touch with us if you want more information and to see some more photos. Finding the right wedding photographer is essential as you’ll be looking at these photos for the rest of your life!