Photo Booth – The Green Screen

September 14

Thinking about hiring one of our photo booths for your next event? We’ve upgraded our green screen software so now it’s seriously swish. If you’re wondering what is said green screen software then you’re probably not alone. Let us try to explain. So you know when you watch the weather man/woman doing their thing, but […]

Featured Friday – Charleston Dancers

September 11

This week we get to know our fantastic Charleston Dancers a bit better! BC: Hello there, so who are you? Charleston Dancers: Well, my name is Jessica and the other person in the act is Emily! We are twin sisters, if you hadn’t guessed already! BC: Describe what you do in one sentence? Charleston Dancers: We perform […]

Top 5 Adverts That Use Magic

September 7

Magicians have always been one of our favourite forms of entertainment at events. Let’s face it who doesn’t enjoy watching close-up magicians do their thing! That’s why this week we’ve put together a list of our favourite use of magic and illusions in adverts. 5. Pepsi – Dynamo Bus Levitation In at number 5 we have […]