Window Painting
Bespoke Event Designs

Window painting is a temporary hand-painted installation, perfect for seasonal campaigns.

It’s popularity has increased over the last few years as clients look for a more hand-crafted aesthetic, and consider more affordable and sustainable options to window decals.

Our brilliant and talented artists will create bespoke designs for your space, providing a truly original element to your event.

  • 'Willa's designs were amazing. They transformed our event completely.'
    Clive - Corporate Client
  • 'The painted windows at our event were phenomenal.'
    Miranda - Private Client
  • 'It was great to have such interesting and colourful designs at our venue.'
    Sebastian - Venue Manager
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Bespoke Face and Body Painters
Face and Body Painters
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Digital Graffiti Wall
Interactive Wall
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Face and Body Painting
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