A Capella Vocal Group

Vocals are, as the name suggests, a collective that combine A Cappella with beatboxing to create soulful sounds and beautiful beats that are sure to entertain guests at private parties, corporate events, product launches and more.

Formed in 2017, the group has already achieved a high level of success, having been selected to compete at ICAO, a world-renowned a cappella competition at Carnegie Hall in New York, of which the collegiate version was made famous by the popular film ‘Pitch Perfect’.

With a repertoire that is ever-expanding, the group comprises six talented members who create all of their own arrangements. Requests can be prepared if given enough notice, so if you’re looking for something energetic, spirited and modern, Vocals is the act for you.

  • "All established musicians in their own right and collectively produce an amazing sound."
    Tessa - Corporate Client
  • "Helped to make the event stand out and would definitely book again especially for corporate events or events where you want something a bit different!"
    Melissa - Corporate Client
  • "Excellent vocals, carried/set up own equipment with minimum hassle - highly recommend."
    Yang - Corporate Client
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