Verity and Violet
Vintage Singing Duo

Verity and Violet are a sparkling, vintage-inspired singing duo who mix the old with the new, performing a repertoire from the 20s and 40s and even some modern day hits in their signature style. Their smooth vocals are sure to charm and entertain your guests.

Recent credits include The Ritz Club, Harrods, London Fashion Week, The British Fashion Council, Cake and Bake Show and The Dorchester.

They’re the perfect addition to a vintage themed event or wedding. They also go down very well for Great Gatsby themes!

  • "These girls are so talented. They would be perfect for any event."
    London Fashion Week​
  • "I highly recommend the incredibly talented Verity and Violet."
    Jo Apted - Private Client
  • "Verity and Violet are simply wonderful."
    The Haymarket Hotel
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