Solo Musical Show

Ultimatum is a stunning new musical project from world renowned session performer Ben.

Ben boasts a formidable résumé, featuring on multiple platinum selling records and performing across the globe alongside some of the biggest names in music. Now, he brings his virtuosic talents to bear on a totally unique, world-class live music experience.

Utilising leading-edge musical tech, as well as his own peerless musicality, Ben weaves together pitch perfect re-imaginings of some of your favourite modern chart hits-completely solo. He’ll assemble each song right before your very eyes, piecing together each tune with energy, power and an unmistakable, charismatic swagger.

  • "Everyone commented on how brilliant Ben was and stunned by his breath-taking one - man show."
    Rihannon - Event Manager
  • "So exciting to have such a unique presentation of one person doing...everything!!”
    Jon - Private Client
  • "Words are not enough to express how wonderful Ultimatum was."
    Gemma - Private Client
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