Twist and Pulse
Comedy Dance Duo

Born and bred South Londoners Ashley Glazebrook and Glen Murphy met at the renowned BRIT School of Performing Arts. Through a joint love of dance, they have quickly become role models for young people around the UK. As their alter egos: Twist (Ash) and Pulse (Glen); they quickly shot to fame on one of the most-watched TV shows in the UK. They achieved 2nd place on ITV’s ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, managing to win over both the public and Simon Cowell with their talent and charm!​

Later, they made a celebrated return to the top-rated show with their own dance company. They have been a mainstay on numerous shows on national television since. Their journey since BGT has been a whirlwind. Not content with just winning over the UK, they have performed worldwide, including taking the role of celebrity judges on China’s biggest street dance TV show on CCTV5 (with a viewership of 400,000,000 people!).


  • "Absolutely brilliant! These guys are born entertainers!"
    Jay - Private Client
  • "Ashley and Glen were so friendly and professional, not to mention talented!"
    Ian - Private Client
  • "Our guests could not stop laughing. Would highly recommend!"
    Hannah - Corporate Client
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