Top Brass
DJ and Band

Top Brass – Electrifying DJ sets with wow factor brass!

Energetic, immersive and unique, Top Bass bring a whole new dimension to your party! Stuck between a DJ or live band? Then Top Brass is the choice for you. An incredible DJ with a rip-roaring brass section – you’ll be blown away by the sounds spun to your dance floor.

The choice between a DJ or a live band can be tough. A DJ will play all your favourite tunes, but a
live band gives you a thrill like no other. However, putting them together gives you the best of both

Top Brass is different to your usual live DJ act, they are tailored to give you that all-singing all-
dancing experience which club anthems and house tracks don’t always do. An incredible 3-piece
horn section performs the original horn riffs that are on all your favourite party hits. Imagine the DJ
playing your number one Earth Wind & Fire or Stevie Wonder tracks, with the brass section right in
front of you, and you’re there!

Their incredibly tight and energetic performances demand only the best brass players around, who
will join the crowd on the dance floor with state of the art wireless microphones and PA technology.

Their synchronised LED lighting shows will transform your venue into an epic party arena.
With top professionals who are regulars in London’s West End scene, record at Abbey Road Studios
and perform worldwide on stage with some of the biggest artists around, you are guaranteed the very
best musicians the UK has to offer, who will leave you and your guests buzzing for weeks!

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