Event Photographer

Tom is a London-based event and PR photographer with 15 years of experience. He excels in capturing the vibrant essence of parties and the energetic atmosphere of conferences. His amiable and approachable demeanour allows him to seamlessly integrate into any environment, fostering a positive ambiance that translates into dynamic images of both the event and its attendees.

Throughout his career, Tom has collaborated with renowned brands such as The Guardian, The New York Times, BBC, Novartis, Meinhardt, Guidepoint Global Ltd, Southwark Cathedral, Borough Market, Neal’s Yard Dairy, and Eurostar. His contributions have ranged from covering live events to orchestrating photoshoots, resulting in captivating content tailored to their respective platforms.

  • "Tom was available to shoot an event for us at short notice, he's professional, skilled and reliable."
    Southwark Diocese
  • "In my opinion, he is a gifted and talented photographer capturing a multitude of aspects and features in his work."
    Katharine Jones - St Francis Leprosy Guild
  • "His creative and flexible approach expertly captured the key moments and elements of our event. I’ve been very impressed with the shots delivered, and would happily work together on a future project."
    Gavin - Eurostar Communications Officer
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