Theme Machine
Themed Party Band

Theme Machine find the sexiest film and TV themes from the 60s onwards and bring them forward to the present day in their own inimitable way.

Dressed in the cool garb of Miami Vice and exuding the charisma of 007 himself, they take to the stage to perform epic movie themes such as Ghostbusters, Footloose and James Bond, as well as some of the most memorable TV hits of the period.

Theme Machine are more than just a function band – they’re a thrilling musical trip back to the future, complete with a full visual show featuring lighting and projection.

Line Up
  • Full five piece rhythm section, six horns, one female vocalist and two backing singers
  • "Theme Machine were out of this world at their launch party! You MUST see this band!"
    Millie - Events Manager
  • "Theme Machine were absolutely class. Amazing night had by all."
    Jack - Private Client
  • "Theme Machine were so epic. Incredible gig in Soho, I had the time of my life!"
    Amraj - Private Client
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