The Swing Collective
Band and Dance Collective

The Swing Collective is a result of collaborations between two fantastic acts. They merge a professional swing band and an experienced vintage dance act to create something special – a high energy collective who keep the party going like it’s 1933.

Whether you’re planning a Gatsby themed party or just want to make a big impact at any event, The Swing Collective has what it takes to fill the position.

The dancers can also give vintage dance lessons and choreograph your first dance at a wedding.

The collective can vary from a 6-piece band with a pair of dancers all the way up to a 14-piece swing band accompanied by a 12-piece troupe.

  • "A brilliant act to get everyone dancing!"
    Filipa - Private Client
  • "The night was fantastic and The Swing Collective were the highlight."
    Ben - Events Manager
  • "Thanks so much - you guys were amazing."
    Oliver - Private Client
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