The Strongman
Victorian Strongman

The Strongman is a traditional Victorian strongman. He amazes crowds and guests alike with his incredible feats of strength, which include lifting grown guests high above his head, bending solid metal with his bare hands into all sorts of shapes, and smashing a huge whole watermelon on his head.

The Strongman’s act also includes impossible weights, solid steel bars and planks, handcuffs, manacles, frying pans, steel chains and bolts, phone books and playing cards.

The Strongman has dedicated his life ensuring to upkeep to the traditions of classic Victorian strongmen and with his energy, enthusiasm and totally impressive physique he is perfect for any event. The Strongman is available to book either as a host, to perform his strongman show or to give a talk on the art of being a gentlemen.

  • "Four big strong yeses!"
    Simon Cowell
  • "This guy is going to be big - he's a star." - Leading Blogger
  • "I’ve seen him perform before, but how could anyone ever tire of such magnificence?" - Leading Blogger
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