The Sons of Pitches
Vocal Group

The Sons of Pitches are one of the UK’s premier vocal groups, who have won multiple awards and whose videos have had over 2.5m views on their YouTube channel.

Since winning ‘The Naked Choir’ in 2015, the group have toured extensively across the UK and Europe, delighting audiences with their unique combination of vocal performance and showmanship. 2016 saw The Sons perform to over twenty thousand people, including two sell-out tours over three months.

As well as touring the country, The Sons of Pitches are available to book for corporate and private events. Performing their unique versions of crowd-pleasing hits and nostalgic medleys, along with their famous improvised numbers, they will bring humour and talent to your event. The improvised songs can even be personalised for you and your guests!

  • “The Sons of Pitches have certainly given a cappella a kick up the backside.”
  • “The Sons of Pitches inspired and encouraged all day long and gave the students an experience they will long remember.”
    Chew Valley School
  • "You were just amazing."
    Lucy - Private Client
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