The Sinatras
Jazz Duo

The Sinatras are a charming duo with a unique blend of humour and harmony. They infuse each song in their extensive repertoire of jazz, swing and 50s and 60s standards with their own effortless style, creating a truly memorable musical experience for your event.

From the hey-day of the Rat Pack, to the pitch-perfect harmonies of The Everly Brothers, through to the Swinging Sixties, The Sinatras have something vintage for everyone. They can also offer a wide selection of enchanting French chansons and other songs with an international flavour.

The Sinatras are also available to book as a trio. The trio line-up includes virtuoso jazz pianist Richard Hughes, adding an extra layer of musical sophistication to our performances.

Whether you choose the duo or trio, The Sinatras guarantee fun and sophisticated entertainment.

  • 'Their performance was superb - it truly made the night!'
    Richard - Private Client
  • 'The Sinatras were absolutely fabulous. I have had many of my guests contact me to say how entertaining they were. I would definitely recommend them and I will book them again with no hesitation.'
    Cheryl - Private Client
  • 'The Sinatras were fantastic. Their music choices were great and their voices were amazing. Several of my guests said that they would love to hear them sing again!'
    Emily - Private Client
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