The Royal Footmen
Meet and Greet Performers

The Royal Footmen are an international mime and circus walkabout act. Beautifully dressed in 18th Century costumes, their aim is to make people smile, laugh and have fun.

Made up of actors, mimes, comedians and magicians and with over ten performers available, The Royal Footmen’s unique blend of mime, wit and comedy will help break the ice at just about any event, giving all your guests the the most magnificent of Royal welcomes and making everyone feel like Royalty!

They have a wide range of different costumes and characters, and so are also able to accommodate almost any theme that your event requires.

  • "Never seen Footmen like you before! Well done!"
    The Duke of Edinburgh
  • "According to the chap in charge, it was the best party he’d ever been to!"
    Kensington Palace
  • “The act was well suited to our style of function and provided an exciting and unique entrance for our guests."
    Tahnya - Event Manager
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