The Roller Girls
Roller Skaters

For something really dramatic and unique, The Roller Girls’ act will take your breath away, evoking childhood memories but upping the danger level. One of just a few all-female acts of its kind, they are guaranteed to amaze and excite audiences as they spin by their necks and skate circles around everyone else.

Their act can be themed as anything, from winter wonderland to 1920s flapper girls. Having performed all over the world, they are perfect for a variety of corporate and private events.

This award-winning duo will astound you and your guests with their frenetic routines.

  • "Their highly entertaining and feel-good act has all the ingredients for a well-crafted cabaret performance."
    Latitude Festival
  • "The feedback from staff has been extremely positive, many said it was the best staff conference entertainment we’ve had so far."
    Hazelwoods LLP
  • "The girls were a dream to work with, highly skilled and exceptionally creative."
    Carnesky Productions Ltd
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