The Popcorns
Acoustic Jazz Trio

The Popcorns are a fantastic, young Jazz trio based in London. Recent graduates from top London music conservatoires, The Popcorns are consummate professional musicians and a brilliant choice of entertainment for any event.

With a slightly unusual line up of saxophone, double bass and guitar, they play popular tunes in a slightly different style from how you’re used to hearing them!

They are the perfect accompaniment to an evening drinks reception, or during a dinner where you want something a bit quirky and unique!

  • "They played brilliantly and were exactly what we wanted!"
    James and Louise - Private Client
  • "What a great Jazz trio, a fantastic take on some modern songs with a jazzy twist. "
    Sam and Jess - Private Party
  • "The Popcorns were the highlight of our evening! Not one person can say that they did not enjoy the music. Even people who don't like Jazz!"
    Liam - Private Client
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