The Opera Men
Opera Singers

The Opera Men are a dynamic male vocal quartet consisting of four sensational opera singers trained at London’s leading music colleges. This is the UK’s answer to Il Divo, singing an exciting mix of the most popular opera songs ever written.

The fun never stops with these charming opera singers. Marvel as they take opera to a new level by singing their own operatic arrangements of popular songs from stage and screen, as well as some of the best chart toppers in pop history. Your guests are guaranteed to be blow away by the powerful voices of these talented vocalists.

With a strong creative team behind them, The Opera Men are able to tailor their act for any event or audience.





  • 'The power of their voices is incredible. There is nothing else like it.'
    Sarah - Private Event
  • 'The boys were exceptional. I'd have them back in a flash!'
    Louis - ITV Studios
  • 'We had a great night and the boys were amazing!'
    Lisa - NHS
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