The Mayfair Gents
Swing Band

The Mayfair Gents are a stylish vintage jazz trio that put their original spin on performing some jazz classics alongside some recognisable current hits.

The band is formed of Trumpet, Guitar/Vocals and Double Bass and they have performed all over the UK, overseas and at the hottest London jazz venues including the legendaryRonnie Scotts, 606 Jazz Club, The JazzCafe, Pizza Express Jazz Club, The Vortex and regularly at Blitz swing events.

The band play all of the swing classics from Louis Armstrong to George Gershwin and also are more than happy take requests.

  • "The Mayfair Gents made a great impression at our wedding reception."
    Rochine - Bride
  • "The trio were phenomenal. They were the perfect addition to our event."
    Michael - Corporate Client
  • "The Mayfair Gents had everyone swinging - we will never forget that performance!"
    James and Katie - Couple
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