The Mariachi Band
Mariachi Band

The Mariachi Band brings Mexico and more to your event. Mexico is known for many things; its food, its weather, its warm people, tequila and of course, its music: Mariachi.

No matter how small or large your occasion, these guys will make it a special one. With over 14 years of experience in the industry, The Mariachi Band have played all over the UK and the world with numerous TV appearances.

With a repertoire list of modern tunes and traditional Mexican songs every performance has their original and unique touch to add some Mexican spice to your event. These guys are the real deal and have the costumes and the voices to back it up with their authentic approach to bring a fiesta to your event.

  • "You really got the party started and made my sister's night!"
    Adam - Private Party
  • "You were all amazing and everyone is still talking about it."
    Kimberley - Private Client
  • "You guys even surpassed our expectations!"
    Mark - Private Client
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