The Mariachi Band
Mariachi Band

The Mariachi Band brings Mexico and more to your event. Mexico is known for many things; its food, its weather, its warm people, tequila and of course, its music: Mariachi.

No matter how small or large your occasion, these guys will make it a special one. With over 14 years of experience in the industry, The Mariachi Band have played all over the UK and the world, and have numerous TV appearances.

With a wide repertoire of traditional songs and modern tunes, every performance guarantees to bring some Mexican spice, and turn your event into a proper fiesta! With their authentic costumes, these guys look like the real deal, and they have the voices and charisma to back it up.

  • "You really got the party started and made my sister's night!"
    Adam - Private Party
  • "You were all amazing and everyone is still talking about it."
    Kimberley - Private Client
  • "You guys even surpassed our expectations!"
    Mark - Private Client
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