The Langley Girls
Family Trio

The Langley Girls are the genuine article.

Gita, Rosie and Edie have been singing and making music together since childhood. Their close three-part harmony group heralds the golden age of Hollywood, and their classic renditions of The Andrew Sisters’ songs and other vintage hits of the 1920s, 30s, 40s and 50s never fail to wow an audience. The Girls have performed at many of London’s finest venues and have supported Jools Holland and Paloma Faith on tour.

The Langley Girls perform their songs to backing track which is pre-recorded by their live band. Performance sets can be tailored to your party needs. Always in keeping with your event, the girls dress in beautiful vintage-inspired silk gowns by Jenny Packham and have a number of matching, eye-catching outfits for your chosen era.

For a twist: The Langley Girls also perform modern songs with a retro edge, which we find works very well as a second set performance for dancing and also leads very well into a DJ set as the night continues.

  • “It was unlikely that there was a single person in the crowd that was not transfixed by this terrific trio.”
    The Music Fix
  • “Their shimmering stage presence and Twenties show tunes delighted us all.”
    London Lite
  • “A family trio from London that creates music that sounds like it was pulled from the pages of a fairy tale.”
    Magnet Magazine
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