The Hot Houses
Gypsy Swing Trio

The Hot Houses are a Gypsy Jazz trio forged in the heart of London’s world-renowned Swing music scene. Inspired by Django Reinhardt, The Hot Houses perform with irrepressible, youthful energy, and are considered among Europe’s best virtuoso Jazz-Swing performers.

The wonderful chemistry that comes from their longstanding friendship both on and off the stage, and their sheer passion for the music they play, guarantees beaming smiles and tapping toes at every show.

Bringing a fresh and modern take to Swing music’s most fun and vivacious style, The Hot Houses fuse the mid-century sounds of Europe and America, intertwining Reinhardt’s legendary guitar repertoire with their own take on Jazz and Swing classics, as well as their own compositions.

For larger events, they are able to expand their trio to a thumping, 6-piece Swing band, or something even larger! Performing with or without a vocalist, as background music or the centre of attention, they are perfect for any event.

  • "What a wonderful evening! Huge thanks for your amazing music."
    De-Andre - Corporate Client
  • "They played so beautifully in the church that it set me and my husband off crying."
    Mim - Private Client
  • "Thanks again for yesterday - the perfect genre and set for what we needed!"
    Sade - Corporate Client
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