The Globe
Acrobat Show

Set in the largest snowglobe you’re likely to have ever seen, two amazing acrobats will stun your guests as they perform a beautiful, balancing duet. Glitter continuously falls over them whilst they showcase stunning acrobatics, incredible flexibility and strength.

Set the scene for your event with this beautiful and original acrobatic display. We guarantee your guests will be thoroughly captivated and won’t stop talking about it!

This has been a huge success in many sectors and in over 15 countries to date. If you want something absolutely magical, that entertains large crowds and is high impact, then this is the show for your event.

  • "Your act was magical"
    Rollys Royce – The Dorchester
  • "A huge thank you for last week's Slammer TV performance, we all thought you did a smashing job!"
  • "Wow wow wow!!!! You blew us all away!"
    Corporate Client
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Christmas Acrobats
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