The Globe Girls
Drag Queens

The Globe Girls are a captivating collection of drag artists who are so much more than cheese. The Globe Girls create a totally different concept to the world of drag and entertainment.

The Globe Girls have travelled throughout the UK and internationally, providing the perfect mix of sophisticated humour, fun and glamour.

They can liven up any event and provide just the right amount of quality entertainment without causing embarrassment. Never rude, crude or lewd, The Globe Girls pride themselves on their ability to raise the fun and excitement at any event and never pick on or embarrass anybody.

Everything about The Globe Girls is carefully chosen from the amazing choreographed routines to the fabulous wigs, the handmade costumes and the killer high heels. The Globe Girls’ appeal lies in the fact they are visually fabulous and hysterically funny.

The Globe Girls are professional West End performers, so under all the glitz and glamour are trained actors who you may well have seen starring in many hit musicals!

With many routines to choose from, whether it be modern numbers by Lady Gaga to full show girl numbers straight from ‘Moulin Rouge’ or ‘Priscilla The Musical’, The Globe Girls can cater for any event.

Even the most discerning members of the audience will be wowed. Having performed at the smallest of events to the largest (for 17,000 for ‘Walk The Walk’ in London’s Hyde Park!), every show is perfectly conceived and produced.

  • "I simply adore The Globe Girls, utter professionals, supremely talented and thoroughly entertaining."
  • "The Globe Girls played a major part on making the River Island Christmas Ball 2018 a magical evening!"
    River Island
  • "Move over Beyonce, The Globe Girls are here!"
    Time Out
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Miss Betsy Rose
Burlesque Performer
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