The Gatsby Guys and Girls
1920's Dancers

Immerse yourself in the Roaring Twenties, the Magic Of Hollywood or the Streets Of Paris.

The Gatsby Guys and Girls will transport you back to a world of sophistication glitz and glamour. Let them create an unforgettable night of entertainment, escapism and enjoyment, leaving your guests hollering for more.

The Gatsby Guys and Girls will welcome your guests full of character before dazzling everyone with our fancy footwork. They’ll impress you with an array of exciting performances that can even include some tricks that are the cat’s pajamas!

They can even teach your guests the Charleston to keep them dancing through the night, making it an event to remember.

  • "A true highlight to the evening!"
    The Café de Paris
  • "The client was delighted; you were a great success."
    Dorchester Hotel
  • "You were all the stars of the day. Everyone has been talking about you, it was absolutely brilliant."
    Jean - Private Client
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Gatsby Jazz Band
Gatsby Themed Band
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The Swing Collective
Band and Dance Collective
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The Gatsby Girls
1920s Dance Act
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