The Garner Trio
Jazz Trio

The Garner Trio is widely regarded as one of the top jazz ensembles in London. With their innovative approach to the Great American Song Book, they have received critical acclaim from national press and celebrities alike.

Their rhythm section features some of the most prominent names in the UK jazz scene, who have crafted fresh and unique arrangements that breathe new life into classic melodies.

The band’s popularity has led to sold-out shows at venues such as Cadogan Hall, Pizza Express Jazz Club, and LouLou’s. Additionally, they hold residencies at some of Europe’s most exclusive clubs and hotels, including Soho House, Badtutts Palace in St Moritz, The Ritz, and Annabel’s Mayfair.

The band’s original music has also been featured on BBC Radio and other notable radio stations across Europe and the USA.

They have been delighted to collaborate on high-profile private events for Longines, Forbes, and Fendi (Milano fashion week) most recently with fashion designer Brunello Cucinelli for his summer collection show at the National Gallery.

  • "Mr Tony Bennett would be delighted by The Garner Trio on stage at the Crazy Coqs last night."
    Daily Mail
  • "I'm a big fan of this style of music. Sadly it is often done terribly, but they are truly brilliant."
    HRH Sheikh Khalifa Bin Sultan
  • "Wonderful musicians, playing sensational music. Fabulous!"
    Richard James - GQ Fashion Designer of the Year
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