The Flower People
Living Statues

Using the finest flowers, The Flower People are quirky characters who look, feel and even smell like the real thing.

Available in any type of flower and any scheme of colour, our team will arrange the perfect floral act to suit your event. The Flower People are perfect for flower shows, garden parties, weddings, colour themed events, nature themed events, enchanted forest events or anything that wants to inject a dash of colour and fun to the occasion.

The Flower People always go out as a pair. 

  • “An absolute hit!”
    Home House
  • "We really love The Flower People."
    Catherine - Event Planner
  • "They were wonderful!"
    Paul - Private Client
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The Living Topiary
Living Topiary
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Enchanted Forest Dancers
Flower Dancers
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Flower Stilt Walkers
Flower Stilt Walkers
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Flower Characters
Dancers and Stilt Walkers
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