The Elephants
Stilt Walkers

These life size elephants are fully mobile, controlled by a stilt walker.

Measuring over 2m tall and 2.5m long, The Elephants will make a huge impact at any event. Filling audiences with wonder and excitement, all ages will be amazed and thrilled by this close encounter with one of nature’s gentle giants.

Completely mobile, with real elephant noises and beautifully costumed rider and ground based characters. There are two elephants, one male (complete with tusks) and one female.

  • "Everyone really raved about you. Absolutely brilliant."
    Chrissy - Corporate Client
  • "They looked so authentic. So impressed."
    Delia - Private Client
  • "Without a doubt, they were the highlight of the event!"
    Callum - Corporate Client
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Fancy Dress Squirrels
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Flower Stilt Walkers
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