Acrobatic Gymnasts

Wow your guests and have them on the edge of their seats as Acropolis, a team of Great British international medal winning acrobats, entertain and captivate with their beautiful gymnastics and stunning choreography.

Winners of ITV1’s Let’s Get Gold and runners up on France’s top talent show The Best, the group includes British, European and World Champions who are guaranteed to leave your guests amazed.

Acropolis have a vast amount of experience in performing at corporate events (as well as sporting competitions), where they perform a variety of acrobatic skills, demonstrating their power and strength, mixed with their creative flair and unique style.

  • “Fantastic. Pure style and grace.”
    Rio Ferdinand
  • “They are amazing."
  • "Acropolis were amazing, they really gave our event the wow factor needed."
    Amacus Limited
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